Thor List, Ágúst Karlsson, Chris Pennock

An editor for psySpecs, the central XML files that can hold a full architecture specification of a Psyclone system.

The task of constructing a large scale AI system raises a number of challenges, such as designing and managing a large amount of modules and the flow of communication between them. Psyclone uses the OpenAIR protocol proposed and maintained by Mindmakers to assist the process of design, development, testing and production of such a large system.

The Psyclone platform uses a central XML specification file to manage the building blocks and data flow, while taking into account the local and global context, independent of programming language and architecture. The Java-based psySpecEditor helps create and manage the psySpec for large systems. When fully finished it will offer an intuitive graphical way of designing a partial and full system. It is important that the design of this tool evolve based on the daily use and feedback from the many people building systems using Psyclone, so we are releasing it under a BSD license. Please make use of the forum for this project to make suggestions, comments and criticisms to help with its construction. It's there to meet your needs.

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Project created: 2007-04-30