mBrane: Versatile Communication for Intelligent Distributed Systems

Thor List, Eric Nivel, Kris Thorisson, Gudny Jonsdottir

mBrane is a new registration-based message routing framework with a rich feature set and blazing speed. In mBrane components can register for and post data, either as discrete messages or as continuous data steams, through the same simple interface and protocol. mBrane is designed to be an extremely fast and easy-to-use communication system where routing is directly done by the local network nodes and routing information and routing data is updated near-instantaneously and globally throughout a distributed networked system. mBrane is targeted at gigabit Ethernet (or faster) networks; however, it will also work at slower speeds.

mBrane is being designed through a collaboration of volunteer experts in large-scale, complex, distributed, intelligent software systems, under a BSD-like open-source license, as software-package-and-specification duo. We are looking for mBrane co-designers and implementers!

A great number of communication frameworks for distributed modular systems already exist. Some focus on speed, others on ease of implementation and use, and others on rich feature sets. However, none provides all of the above with a fully dynamic, prioritised and realtime updatable routing mechanism based on the type of message. Moreover, features such as monitoring, load balancing, profiling and time synchronisation are relatively unique in this space. These features are needed as part of all (soft) realtime intelligent frameworks. mBrane takes ideas from previous frameworks such as OpenAIR, Psyclone, Elvin and YARP, and improves on all of them with regards to scalability and managing the complexity of large architectures.

We use the Mindmakers Wiki pages as the main place for managing our work.

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Project created: 2008-02-18