SAIBA Multimodal Behavior Generation Framework

Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Norman Badler, Lewis Johnson, Stefan Kopp, Brigitte Krenn, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker, Kristinn R. Thorisson

The generation of natural multimodal output for embodied conversational agents requires a time-critical production process with high flexibility. To scaffold this production process and encourage sharing and collaboration, a working group of ECA researchers has introduced the SAIBA framework (Situation, Agent, Intention, Behavior, Animation). The framework specifies multimodal generation at a macro-scale, consisting of processing stages on three different levels: (1) planning of a communicative intent, (2) planning of a multimodal realization of this intent, and (3) realization of the planned behaviors.

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Project created: 2006-08-25