Psyclone is a platform for building hybrid modular, distributed systems. The free downloadable version runs at present on three operating systems, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Psyclone bridges platforms and programming languages, helping with the design and implementation of systems with many components that interact in complex ways. Psyclone is currently being used in European and U.S. projects involving speech recognition, robotics and computer vision.

Psyclone is built around the Constructionist Design Methdology in step with the constructionist AI movement.

Psyclone implements an AIR Server using the MINDMAKERS OpenAIR specification, an open API for message routing. (There is a free Java implementation of this specification available on MINDMAKERS.) OpenAIR enables Psyclone to down barriers between platforms and programming languages by providing a standard XML message format over TCP/IP, through a robust protocol. The resulting tools are more powerful than DCOM and CORBA, which both suffer from temporal blindness and convoluted use.

Oct 2007: Psyclone 1.1.7 nc is available here for download, free of charge (license). We are making it available to the AI community to foster collaboration and sharing of mindmakers modules and code.


Mac OS X

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Project created: 2007-10-22