MIRAGE: An Embodied Agent in Augmented Reality

Kris Thorisson, H.Benko, D.Abramov, A.O.Arnold, S.Maskey, A.Vaseekaran

MIRAGE is an embodied, graphical agent that can communicate with users about real and virtual objects in the user's environment. A user enters the augmented reality room and puts on the "magic glasses". Through the glasses the user can still see the room, but superimposed is now the floating graphical image of MIRAGE.

The room that MIRAGE lives in is fitted with trackers that make Mirage appear to be stationary in a particular location in the room, and as the user walks around, Mirage can follow the user with its gaze. Mirage can answer questions about real objects in the room posed by the user, and can perceive pointing gestures by the user, enabling questions such as "what is that [pointing at an arbitrary object]?", "who is logged in on that machine [pointing at a computer in the room]?". MIRAGE also has a direct feed to on-line news information that is automatically generated by natural language algorithms every night, allowing users to ask for the latest news.

In the future we hope that technology similar to MIRAGE will be used to teach operators of power plants and take people on guided museum tours, as well as tours of caves and historical sites.

This project was done as part of a graduate computer science course at Columbia University, using the modular A.I. engineering principles of Constructionist A.I.

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MIRAGE Paper Consumables N/A Paper describing MIRAGE and the design methodology used to construct the system. To appear in AAAI Magazine, Fall 2004. 1.1 MBytes 2004-07-12 Download

Project created: 2004-04-26