Icelandic voice for Festival speech synthesiser

Stein■ˇr SteingrÝmsson

Files for setting up Icelandic voice for Festival. Includes sound files and basic language files. To use this Festival 1.95 or later must be set up. The files should then be extracted from the tarball into the festival directory. Festival should then find the voice automatically when loaded. NB. The Festival shell does not accept other then ASCII 128 symbols. Icelandic only letters can thus not be used directly in the shell. Some sort of a hack to bypass this will be here in a short while.

Project Items (downloadables)

Name Category Sector Description Size Date Download
IcelanidicVoiceSS Other N/A Icelandic multisyn Voice for Festival 280.6 MBytes 2005-12-21 Download

Project created: 2005-11-25