CADIA Hexapod

Hrafn Thorisson

CADIAHexapod is a 3D simulation of a hexapod. Created at and for The Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents, Reykjavik University's artificial intelligence lab.

The simulation itself acts as a module, allowing each individual leg of the hexapod to be controlled by an external module, through OpenAIR and Psyclone, making it easy to try out different kinds of six-legged gaits.

Current version allows the hexapod to walk on flat surfaces and although the terrain-model provided in the package has uneven surfaces I recommend you steer clear of them for now.

The simulation is based on the jPCT 3D engine (included in the download) and is entirely written in Sun's JAVA language.

Project Items (downloadables)

Name Category Sector Description Size Date Download
CADIAHexapod_v05 Motion Control Sector 3 version 0.5 of the CADIAHexapod simulation 856.1 KBytes 2006-03-09 Download

Project created: 2006-03-09