The mission of MINDMAKERS.ORG is to further development of large integrated artificial intelligence systems, with a strong focus on real-time human-humanoid interaction, collaboration and human-like intelligence.

Would you like to access great AI software made by hundreds of developers? Would you like to contribute to the progress of AI by making your own software available to the AI community at large? This is the basic idea behind MINDMAKERS.ORG. We believe that if only a small portion of the community participates, progress in the field could nevertheless be significantly increased.

Our first contribution to help achieve that vision is OpenAIR. OpenAIR is a powerful routing and messaging specification well-suited to handle semantic messaging between stand-alone software modules, across executables, operating systems and large systems of networked elements. This open and community-driven spec is designed by members of MINDMAKERS with the needs of the AI community in mind. It is the natural next step after CORBA and KQML.

Why Join?

For the first time in history we have an opportunity to build machines that truly are in our own image. Frankly, that's exciting. While multinational corporations are building expensive robotic systems with limited action repertoirs, only a small group of people are actually working on the large-scale integration that needs to happen for us to create a rudimentary model of a working mind. We want these people to work more effectively together and we are also looking for new people to be part of making that happen. Join MINDMAKERS and help make the dream of intelligent machines real.

Upload / Download

Uploading your AI project, software, course materials, art project, or paper to MINDMAKERS is easy: Create an account, create a project page, and then upload everything in a few easy steps. Downloading is easy as pie from the browse-by tables (main menu on left), or from the project pages themselves.