Action Management System or system component whose main job involves the movement of moving physical (or virtual) objects and outputing sound & speech (see also Motion Control)

Cogitation Any system that uses mental state to compute more advanced mental phenomena. Emotion, memory systems, high-level interpretation, knowledge representation, etc. belong to this category.

Consumables Reading materials, documentation, etc.

Decision Systems that take a state as input and make decisions based on that, either about internal or external events.

Generation & Planning System or system component that takes in perceptual data and/or mental state information and generates procedural output of any sort, which may affect internal processing or external behavior. Planning, natural language generation, etc. belong in this category.

Interactive System Any fully implemented interactive systems.

Middleware Infrastructures that enable and/or facilitate integration and the creation of complete systems and agents. May provide a platform, methodology and/or principles for integrating diverse systems such as perception, decision, planning, and acting.

Multimodal Perception Systems that take in perceptual and/or sensorial data from two or more sensory modalities, and output features which represent to some extent the integration of these modalities.

Unimodal Perception Systems that take in perceptual and/or sensorial data from one sensory modality and output features.

Motion Control System or system component whose main job is managing the movement of physical (or virtual) objects (such as arms and faces) and outputing sound & speech; the last link
in the output control chain before standard animation calls, frame updates, and waveform generation (see also Action Management).

Other Anything that doesn't fit into any of the above categories.