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Projects sorted alphabetically by name. With time this collection of software will be a repository of modules (think LEGO bricks) for multi-functional, broad AI systems — software will be flagged by its authors according to how modularized and pluggable it is (this feature is under development). Current projects fall under one or more of our categories: Action Management, Cogitation, Consumables, Generation & Planning, Interactive Systems, Multimodal Perception, Unimodal Perception, and Motion Control [more].

AAAI-05 Workshop on Modular Construction of Human-Like Intelligence
   AAAI05ModularWorkshop    Wiki    Forum
Building intelligent systems that can collaborate and interact socially with people requires integrating numerous technologies in complex ways. For the A.I. researcher such integration can involve anything from connecting multiple computers and programming in multiple languages, to integrating several diverse theoretical models of perception, communication, planning and action. With a rising inter [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Stacy Marsella 2004-12-16 0

Ambient Earth
   amber    Wiki    Forum
Other Sectors: N/A
Ambient Earth, affectionally called Amber, will try to create an image of the buzz of the Internet; what are people talking about, how are stories connected.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
christian 2007-05-24 1

Artificial Intelligence: The Failure Possibilities and an Exploratory Overview.
   http://www.mindmakers.org/projects/NegativeAI    Wiki    Forum
With regards to the fast growing IT industry and its technologies, I am completing a Mini Dissertation on the possible risks and implications of AI. With regards to genral vehicle robots, to the straight forwardness of Mobile Software Agents. Your input would be gratly appreciated. Also looking for some incidents on negative occurences.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
JonoCalder 2007-02-27 0

Behavior Markup Language
   BML    Wiki    Forum
Other Sectors: Sector 1
This project is part of an international effort to unify a multimodal behavior generation framework for Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). We propose a three stage model we call SAIBA where the stages represent intent planning, behavior planning and behavior realization. A Function Markup Language (FML), describing intent without referring to physical behavior, mediates between the first two s [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
stefankopp Brigitte Krenn, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker, Kristinn R. Thórisson, Hannes Vilhjálmsson, Norman Badler, Lewis Johnson 2006-06-14 1

CADIA Hexapod
   CADIAHexapod    Wiki    Forum
Motion Control Sectors: Sector 3
CADIAHexapod is a 3D simulation of a hexapod. Created at and for The Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents, Reykjavik University's artificial intelligence lab.

The simulation itself acts as a module, allowing each individual leg of the hexapod to be controlled by an external module, through OpenAIR and Psyclone, making it easy to try out different kinds of six-legged g [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
h.thorisson 2006-03-09 1

   CADIA.Module.MIDI    Wiki    Forum
Unimodal Perception Sectors: Sector 1
MidiShare wrapper for Psyclone
Owner Members Started Num. Items
eric@cadia 2007-03-15 1

   CADIA.Module.PitchTracker    Wiki    Forum
Unimodal Perception Sectors: Sector 1
The PitchTracker analyses the pitch of a continuous speech, and describes the status of: instantaneous pitch and derivative, pitch slope, speech on /on, speech paused, humming, speech without a pitch, average uninterrupted speech segment duration
Owner Members Started Num. Items
eric@cadia 2007-08-08 1

Computer Vision Markup Language
   cvml    Wiki    Forum
Middleware Sectors: Sector 1
We propose an XML-based Computer Vision Markup Language for use in Cognitive Vision, to enable separate research groups to collaborate with each other as well as making their research results more available to other areas of science and industry, without having to reveal any proprietary ideas, algorithms or even software. The Computer Vision Markup Language can communicate any type and amount of i [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorlist Robert Fisher 2004-11-18 1

Constructionist Design Methodology (CDM)
   CDM    Wiki    Forum

Constructionist Design Methodology (CDM) provides a set of high-level principles for guiding development of complex A.I. systems made of heterogeneous components.

More specifically, CDM helps with:

  • Construction of large, integrated systems, with a special focus on practical systems, integrating broad functionalities including:
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson and numerous others. CDM has been shaped through use in a number of real projects 2005-12-29 0

   CSOpenAir    Wiki    Forum
Other Sectors: Sector 1
A C# port of the JavaOpenAir code. Includes CSPoster, CSReader, CSTrackFixer and CSMovement. Done as a part of Thor List's Computer Vision course at Reykjavik University.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
snorrk Freyr Magnusson 2005-12-21 1

Embodied Agents in Virtual and Augmented Realities
   AgentsInVR&AR    Wiki    Forum
Course E6998-004, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University, Fall 2002.

Professor K. R. Thórisson, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary course focusing on the integration and architectural challenge of designing intelligent, embodied agents that can interact and communicate with real humans in real situations. Weaves together aspects from cognitive science, psychology and arti [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson 2004-08-24 0

Icelandic voice for Festival speech synthesiser
   IcelandicFestival    Wiki    Forum
Other Sectors: N/A
Files for setting up Icelandic voice for Festival. Includes sound files and basic language files. To use this Festival 1.95 or later must be set up. The files should then be extracted from the tarball into the festival directory. Festival should then find the voice automatically when loaded. NB. The Festival shell does not accept other then ASCII 128 symbols. Icelandic only letters can thus  [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
steinst 2005-11-25 1

   JythonOpenAIR    Wiki    Forum
Middleware Sectors: Sector 1
Jython port for OpenAIR, using JavaOpenAIR for messaging.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
brynjar 2007-08-25 1

Low Performance Knowledge Base
   lpkb    Wiki    Forum
A knowledge base spanning common sense. Over 10,000 axioms, where each axiom is made of triples. The knowledge was based on a subset of the Open Mind corpus. The knowledge base is divided into three hundred contexts. Inference is carried out by spreading activation to other axioms with the same triple(s) and a simple threshold based on the number of triples in an axiom.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
kennedycolm David Whitten. 2004-09-09 0

mBrane: Versatile Communication for Intelligent Distributed Systems
   mBrane    Wiki    Forum
mBrane is a new registration-based message routing framework with a rich feature set and blazing speed. In mBrane components can register for and post data, either as discrete messages or as continuous data steams, through the same simple interface and protocol. mBrane is designed to be an extremely fast and easy-to-use communication system where routing is directly done by the local networ [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
mbrane Eric Nivel, Kris Thorisson, Gudny Jonsdottir 2008-02-18 0

   MediaHub    Wiki    Forum
MediaHub is intelligent multimedia distributed platform hub for decision-making (fusion and synchronisation) over multimodal data. MediaHub aims to integrate and synchronise language and vision data in such a way that the two modalities are complementary to each other. Key to the development of MediaHub is the use of the OpenAIR routing and communication protocol that allows the development of the [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
Glenn Campbell Tom Lunney, Paul McKevitt 2006-10-25 0

Message Type Ontology for Cognitive Architectures
   MeTOCA    Wiki    Forum
We are working on a proposal for an upper- and mid-level ontology for cognitive systems. The goal of the effort is to help standardize the message types used for input and output of cognitive modules, so that modules can be "plugged into" an architecture with minimal modifications to their input and output. The effort will produce specifications that can be used by any developer of cognitive modul [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson Gudny R. Jonsdottir, Vignir Hafsteinsson, Arsaell Johannsson 2006-05-25 0

MIRAGE: An Embodied Agent in Augmented Reality
   MIRAGE    Wiki    Forum
Consumables Sectors: N/A
MIRAGE is an embodied, graphical agent that can communicate with users about real and virtual objects in the user's environment. A user enters the augmented reality room and puts on the "magic glasses". Through the glasses the user can still see the room, but superimposed is now the floating graphical image of MIRAGE.

The room that MIRAGE lives in is fitted with trackers that make Mir [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson H.Benko, D.Abramov, A.O.Arnold, S.Maskey, A.Vaseekaran 2004-04-26 1

Principia Intellegentia
   IDEAL    Wiki    Forum
I have written a book called 'Principia Intellegentia: The principles governing human and machine intelligence'. This book makes the case for considering the phenomenon of intelligence in humans to be entirely bound up with their individual ability to learn. It does this by setting out a high-level description of how humans learn - called 'IDEAL' - and then showing how this description accounts [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
rdkingdon 2007-10-03 0

   Psyclone    Wiki    Forum
Psyclone is a platform for building hybrid modular, distributed systems. The free downloadable version runs at present on three operating systems, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Psyclone bridges platforms and programming languages, helping with the design and implementation of systems with many components that interact in complex ways. Psyclone is currently being used in European and U.S [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
cmlabs 2007-10-22 0

   psySpecEditor    Wiki    Forum
An editor for psySpecs, the central XML files that can hold a full architecture specification of a Psyclone system.

The task of constructing a large scale AI system raises a number of challenges, such as designing and managing a large amount of modules and the flow of communication between them. Psyclone uses the OpenAIR protocol proposed and maintained by Mindmakers to assist the proc [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
psySpecEditor Ágúst Karlsson, Chris Pennock 2007-04-30 0

Representations for Multimodal Generation Workshop
   RUGenerationWorkshop    Wiki    Forum
Our Wiki at ISI hosts new follow-up material to the workshop.

The overall goal of this workshop was to further the state of research on multimodal generation by enabling (and getting) people in the field to work together. To this end, we are working towards:
- Framing the problem of mult [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Stefan Kopp 2005-07-29 0

SAIBA Multimodal Behavior Generation Framework
   SAIBA    Wiki    Forum
The generation of natural multimodal output for embodied conversational agents requires a time-critical production process with high flexibility. To scaffold this production process and encourage sharing and collaboration, a working group of ECA researchers has introduced the SAIBA framework (Situation, Agent, Intention, Behavior, Animation). The framework specifies multimodal generation at a ma [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
hannes Norman Badler, Lewis Johnson, Stefan Kopp, Brigitte Krenn, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker, Kristinn R. Thorisson 2006-08-25 0

Task Matrix
   taskmatrix    Wiki    Forum
The Task Matrix is a repository for storing and describing tasks in a robot-independent manner. Specific interfaces are defined for interacting with the skills layers of robots and the perceptual modules of the robot. This work is currently done at my job at the Honda Research Institute for the humanoid robot Asimo.
Owner Members Started Num. Items
victorng Evan Drumwright 2007-01-27 0

ToonFace - Simple & Expressive Realtime Animation Specification
   ToonFace    Wiki    Forum
Consumables Sectors: N/A
ToonFace is an evolving specification of an animation system for algorithmic/parametric generation of facial movement and speech. ToonFace provides a useful representation of muscles and motion control in systems that generate movement in real-time and where such movement can be interrupted at human perception-action loop levels (around 100 msec). While everyone seems to be striving for the most  [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson Catherine Pelachaud, Zsofia Ruttkay, Kristleifur Dadason 2005-11-16 1

Ymir as Physical LEGO
   Ymir-LEGO    Wiki    Forum
Is it possible to build physical models of computer models? Sure, it just takes an aweful lot of LEGO blocks.

When I was at LEGO my team and I developed an artificially intelligent character called Puff the Magic LEGO Dragon. I spent a lot of time explaining the workings of the Ymir architecture that powered Puff's [more...]
Owner Members Started Num. Items
thorisson 2004-11-20 0